Cheap Eye Glasses

Eye glasses are not only necessary eye protection, but also a fashionable accessory which it became necessary for all inhabitants of the countries. But cheap eye glasses can put irreparable harm to our sight.
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Why cheap eye glasses can bring you harm?

Nowadays there are a set of cheap eye glasses stores, booths in underground where it is possible to buy glasses on the run and very cheaply. But poor-quality glasses can cause headaches, sight turbidity, and picture bifurcation before eyes. Good glasses cost expensive that quite explainable is a quality assurance of hi-tech handling of the lenses which have been carefully picked up individually, and durable service of a frame.

Experiment of cheap eye glasses

Skilled specialists for experiment have purchased 14 steams of cheap eye glasses in 8 unsuitable for this purpose places. Have studied them by means of the special equipment and check has shown: approximately 50 % from these glasses extremely low quality. At one glasses real sizes of dioptries didn't coincide with what the manufacturer has specified on packaging. At others centering has been broken - in them it was impossible to focus sight. The third between lenses had very big difference (instead of 1 unit-2-3) and etc.

Check cheap eye glasses online carefully

Experts advise to those who needs to wear spectacles, very carefully to check them before purchasing. Register previously in consultation to the specialist on correction of sight and write out the necessary recipe. Carrying improper to your sight cheap eye glasses, according to ophthalmologists, raises risk of development of a cataract and brain angiospasms. Don't save on the health. Specialized shops and departments in chemist's networks will offer you the certificated quality goods.

How to choose cheap eye glasses?

To choose cheap eye glasses to the person, pay attention to your own natural tone of a skin and color of eyes. If warm complexion and a hair color are inherent in you - try on a bronze, tortoise or brown frame. If at you a coldish shade of eyes and a fair hair to the person there will be frames white, silvery, dark blue and gray. After 40 years specialists recommend to accept a complex of vitamins for sight. Protect the sight - it easily to spoil, but to recover difficult and expensively.

Protect your eyes and create their comfort!